Best RFOnline Golden Age - 10 years of stability! - we have been working since 2010!

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Working since 2010

Given the longest RF Online private server that has ever aired RFOlympic is offering you a LONG TERM GAMING SHIP. To keep you up in a tip top shape gaming PvP Experience!

Incentivized installs

Stable server

RFOlympic is the top LEADING SERVER which aired for 10 years and counting, competitive and a very well known RF Private server.

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Strong community

RFOlympic is a systematic community that which can ensure that the players who choose RFOlympic can have a better gaming experience.

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Proffesional team

RFOlympic does not implement ROLL BACKS. RFOlympic does not update from time to time, this only proves there is a prim foundation on the server.


Server part - / The maximum level is 55 / Premium Autoloot Module / No window restrictions / Cross classes available / Premium does not give bonuses to experience. Premium gives an auto-loot gear+ sword for 1.5 runs / Experience: x2 / Animus Experience: x4 / PT / Skills: x4 / Magic: x4 / Monster Drop: x3

The promotion task from 50 to 51 lvl is simplified. You can loot in MAU. 45 turrets added to the merchant near the Elan shark. Updated PvP weapons. After reaching level 55 of the character, you will have access to the reborn task. Teleport to different locations has been added to the coordinator of movements. You need 25 large empty boxes, instead of 50 to get a recycling box.